Widex Domes RIC type & Thin / Micro tube type for M hearing aids (10)


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Widex Domes (RIC type & Thin tube type) 10pcs.
Fits most modern Widex RIC hearing aids, including Dream, Clear, Passion, Fusion etc..
Check your receiver near the tip (where the Dome fits) – there will be an S, M, or P mark (new style receiver) or a ‘1’ (older type receiver). Thin tube domes fit micro BTEs such as Flash M, Real M, Inteo M, Mind M and Clear M, Elan.

Choose the right type for your receiver – Type 1 receiver domes fitted to the new S, M, P receivers could come loose in your ear canal.
This product has changed from 2015 – the blister pack is now white, the domes are now dark grey. Loose DOMES or TUBES or opened packs cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. Sealed packs can be – please choose carefully.