Starkey Receiver wire (‘snap-fit’ and older ‘standard’)



Starkey Receiver Wire

The Snap-fit receiver wire (you can tell by the oval shaped top-fitting – 50dB and 60dB) – is for newer models: most wireless models such as Halo, Halo 2, Z series, 3 Series wireless, Xino wireless, all products with ‘i’ before the number, such as i110, i90 etc..).

The Standard receiver wire (with a round top fitting) – is for older models like Zon, E Series, S Series, 3 Series, X Series, Wi Series, Specsavers numbered *2*, Ignite (50dB and 60dB versions only – the 40db version is now discontinued – call us if you used 40db previously – you may need to see an audiologist).

To change a standard wire: Lift up the top lip of the silver colour microphone cover. This will allow you to remove the old and fit the new wire. Click the microphone cover back into place.

To change a snap fit wire:Pull away the old wire. Push in the new.

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If you do not know what size of receiver you need:

Have a look near the tip of your old tubes – there should be a number usually Red on the left and Blue on the right.
alternately email us ( having taken the measurement from the top of your ear (where spectacles would sit) straight down to the centre of the ear canal entrance in mm – please see picture below.

Replace your receiver tubes ONCE A YEAR for optimal performance

Which Type – if the aid is over 3 years old and has a large chrome mic cover on the back/top you probably need the standard Starkey receiver. If your aid mic guard is not chrome, and is ‘newish’ (less than 3 years), you probably need the snap-fit type.