Siemens Click Receiver Domes (6)



Siemens Sivantos Click Receiver Domes (6 pcs)
For Sivantos, Primax, Binax, Xcel, Micon, Bestsound receiver-in-the-ear products, such as Pure. Also NHS Impact Pro R, and the rare Centra Active and Cielo2 Active that are already fitted with a Click receiver, plus SPECSAVERS models numbered *1*.
The second picture is the 4mm Open Dome, which is basically quite a solid ‘cap’. You will need a ‘Click Dome Removal’ tool or very firm fingernail pressure.
Note: older Siemens GRID DOMES and receiver wires:  these were for older Impact R, Pure models, Centra Active and Cielo2 Active (fitted with Grid Receivers and Domes). For these aids, you will need to upgrade / replace BOTH Receivers and Domes with the Click type.