Siemens Click MiniReceiver wire (new type 2.0)



Siemens Click MiniReceiver type 2.0 (for Ace and Pure)

2.0: The newer type receiver wire. For Ace Primax / Binax / Micon and Pure Primax / Binax / Micon. It’s smaller, more ergonomic fitting – it’s easier to see the colour marking for right and left. Attach to the hearing aid body with a sideways turn. The medium receiver is now a smaller, improved design (from July 13).

To Change:Dislodge the retaining pin sideways 1mm (use Pin removal tool), The receiver wire can then be pulled away from the shell. Push the new unit on into place, then press down the pin, flush with the body.

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If you do not know what size of receiver you need:
have a look near the tip of your old tubes – there should be a number usually Red on the left and Blue on the right.
alternately email us ( having taken the measurement from the top of your ear (where spectacles would sit) straight down to the centre of the ear canal entrance in mm – please see picture below.
Replace your receiver tubes ONCE A YEAR for optimal performance

Explanation of the 3 strengths available:
The standard receiver head is silver in colour, as is the medium. The medium’s sides are all similar in size, with the standard’s being rectangular. The standard has a ‘V’ shaped plate on 2 sides, and the medium has a rectangular ‘plate’ on the side. The power receiver is easy to recognise, being gold in colour.