Siemens Click MiniReceiver wire (old type 1.0)



Siemens Click MiniReceiver wire type 1.0

For Centra Active, Cielo and Cielo2 Active, older Pure 300, 500 and 700, Pure 101, 301, 501, 701. Also NHS Impact M, Specsavers Advance 510 and those numbered *1*, and Centra Active, Pure 300, 500, 700 that used to take the phased-out Grid receiver.

To change: Turn receiver head to the left, about 45 degrees. It will pull off. To replace, push on new wire 45 degrees to the left, and then twist and click on.

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If you do not know what size of receiver wire you need:
have a look near the tip of your old tubes – there should be a number usually Red on the left and Blue on the right.
alternately email us ( having taken the measurement from the top of your ear (where spectacles would sit) straight down to the centre of the ear canal entrance in mm – please see picture below.

Replace your receiver tubes ONCE A YEAR for optimal performance

Fitting Tip: present to the hearing aid slightly cocked to the left, place on, on turn clockwise – it will click into place. Note: The medium receiver is bigger than the type 2.0 version

Click Domes MUST be used with Click receivers
and Grid Domes with Grid receivers (both of which are now discontinued)