Phonak Domes (10)


New Phonak Smokey Domes (10 Pack) Fits all new Audeo B, V + Q products


New Phonak / Unitron Domes (10 pack) fits all new Audeo B, V + Q products
and is backwards compatible on all Audeo receiver products (like Audeo Core, Smart, Mini, YES, Audeo). Also fits all Unitron RIC products. Plus SPECSAVERS Advance models (sometimes numbered *3*) made by Sonova.
Replaces the older clear type – as a safety measure (easier to identify if they ever came loose in the ear canal) – they are the same shape and design. When used correctly, the dome should not fold back when removed from the ear canal. Replace on third removal, or if ripped / discoloured or deteriorated.Use our wipes to clean in situ and avoid wax guard replacement..