Phonak SDS 4.0 receiver wires for Phonak Audeo Marvel


Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 4.0 (2018 on) for Audeo Marvel hearing aids, available in Standard (S) Receiver, Medium (M) Receiver or Power (P) Receiver.

The tip on the right receiver wire is noticeably red. The left, blue. On this type, there will be a white letter (S, M or P) followed by a number (0,1, 2, 3). The other end has three gold pins, rather than two on the previous versions. Thus you cannot use older receivers on Marvel, or new 4.0 receivers on older hearing aids.

You must also use Phonak 4.0 sports locks and Phonak 4.0 Domes with this product.

Each receiver comes with a sports lock and a selection of 3 domes.

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Your existing receiver wire will have a size number near the tip. This is the size you should order unless you are unsure that they fit well.

This is a part only – does not include hearing aids or charger pictured!


Standard Right, Standard Left, Medium Right, Medium Left, Power Right, Power Left


0, 1, 2, 3