Oticon ProWax Guards



Oticon ProWax Guards – 6 in Pack
For Intiga IICs, Intiga i, Agil CICs. Also Inium chip aids (Alta, Nera, Ria) in  ITE, ITC, CIC & IIC forms and Inium chip miniFit micro moulds, flex moulds and miniFit Lite. In grey pack.

Also backwards compatible on ‘RISE 2’ S and M receiver wires, Power Moulds, ITE, ITC and CICS. Most popular type for Oticon hearing aids 2013-2015. Can also be used with Oticon and Bernafon hearing aids that have previously used NoWax.

Power RITE, Power miniRITE receiver wires and Micro Moulds use Cerustop wax guards.

Not used on modern RITE and miniRITEs (like Oticon Opn, Alta, Nera and Ria: 1 and 2 versions)  which use Prowax miniFit wax guards.