Oticon miniFit domes for RIC and Thin tube (10)


Oticon miniFit for Opn / Alta / Nera / Ria RITE Domes (10 pack)


Oticon miniFit for Opn / Alta / Nera / Ria / Synergy / recent Zest Domes (10 pack)
in Open sizes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, Bass Domes and Power Domes. For new RITE (receiver in the ear) models Opn and Alta, Ria and Nera (Inium chip). Also fits new miniFit Corda thin tube hearing aids (such as NHS Synergy and later Zest) in both tube diameters.
Only use these miniFit Domes (in black packs) with miniFit receivers OR miniFit thin tubes (both diameter 0.9 and 1.3). miniFit domes are not compatible with Corda or Corda 2 thin tubes.

How to tell which THIN TUBES you have: i.e. if you have a Oticon thin tube hearing aid, miniFit tubes are marked near the tip in the following manner (in blue for left, and red for right): ‘0.9 1’ (where 0.9 is the diameter and 1 is the size).
If the tube is marked like the following, then you need to order CORDA DOMES, not miniFit domes: ‘1 0.9’.

ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH HIDDEN HEARING aids as follows: Plus M480, M460 and M440, K220, K210, K140, K130, K90, K70, M200, M190, M180, M120C, M100C, M80, M60, Plus 9K, 7K, 5K, M320, Mini 4K, D100, D80, D60….