Oticon Ear Hook (£7.99)


Oticon (and Bernafon) Ear Hook


Oticon (& Bernafon) Ear Hook & pin remover tool (£2.99)
The ear hook is the clear hard plastic elbow between a hearing aid body and the tubing (which leads to the earmould). Item pictured is 571-05-220-07 9dB damped hook for BTE models such as Spirit I. Also available: Standard or undamped earhook (571-01-740-07) for Spirit III. Earhook for the Spirit Zest, Zest II and Zest P (part no. 571-05-370). Tego, Tego Pro use the same earhook as Spirit I. Vigo and Vigo Pro use the same as Spirit Zest. For Spirit 3 SP, select ‘Sumo’ (this is undamped, part no. 571-01-770-04). Many others available – use drop-down menu to select model required. Most are held on with a sideways pin that needs to be fully pushed out. You will need a PIN REMOVAL TOOL too.