Oticon ‘Corda miniFit’ thin tube (NEW)


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Oticon ‘Corda miniFit’ thin tube – NEW
For Inium chip thin tube aids (such as Alta, Nera, Ria) – replacement silicone thin tubes. Also backwards compatible on to Corda 2 products. In 0.9mm diameter and 1.3mm diameter for power applications. (Extreme sizes -1 and 4 available on request).

minifit tubes are labelled like this: 0.9  3   (means it’s a size 3 tube, 0.9mm wide)

All miniFit products come in BLACK packaging (the older type in white packaging). Oticon have recently changed the fitting depth of this MiniFit power tube and have changed the product codes to, for example 132649 (1.3 / 1 L) and 132642 (1.3 / 1 R): The part numbers were 149945 and 149946 previously.

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If you do not know what size of tube you need
have a look near the tip of your old tubes – there should be a number usually Red on the left and Blue on the right.
alternately email us (info@hearingaidparts.co.uk) having taken the measurement from the top of your ear (where spectacles would sit) straight down to the centre of the ear canal entrance in mm – please see picture below.
Replace your thin tubes at least ONCE A YEAR for optimal performance