Oticon / Bernafon Ear Grips / retention locks (2 pcs)



Oticon / Bernafon Ear Grips (2 pcs)
The tail on your receiver will harden and crease over time.

  • The original type hold your Intiga, Delta, Dual or Mini in place. These also fit RISE mini RITEs such as Acto Pro mini RITE.
  • miniFit EarGrips for 60, 85 and 100dB receivers on Opn and Inium Chip aids like Nera Pro Mini RITE.
  • Also for the very small / newer Design RITEs, the 80dB type, for aids such as Ria, Nera, Alta.

Replace these about once a year. For the old model, thread through the receiver-head slots. For the new models, push on to the receiver head (with dome removed, then re-fit dome).