Microphone (Mic) Covers – Filters – Guards (for Phonak, Oticon, Resound)



Microphone Covers – Filters – Guards
Picture shows mic cover panels for Widex Passion and Fusion models.

Click for Phonak Spice Mic covers
Phonak Spice Mic covers for Mini or Smart models (2)
if you have already replaced the receiver tube, you may need to also replace the microphone covers. Instructions included. In grey or black. New hard shell type – use to upgrade the thin rubber-type used prior to 2013. Choose MIni (no button) or Smart (button) versions. Replace these about once a year. The ‘with button’ model also fits the Nathos S+
Click for GN Resound Alera 961
GN Resound Alera 961 black mic guard (1)
Forms the ‘spine’ of Alera-type hearing aids. Product code 17777328.
Click for Phonak Wind and Weather protectors
Phonak Wind and Weather protectors for Naida and other BTE models (10)
Replacement mic covers and tool for Phonak NAIDA models (a set of two about 4mm long), and Wind and Weather protectors for models with one longer piece.
Click for Phonak microphone guards for Virto V
Phonak microphone guards for Virto V hearing aids (new)…. (8s)
Replacement mic covers for Phonak Virto V hearing aids – may be backwards compatible on other ITEs. Easy to insert / clip on, no glue needed and very unlikely to come loose in the future. Part. no. 054-0082-13
Click for Oticon T-cap microphone guards
Oticon T-cap microphone guards (8 pcs)
Replacement mic covers in 5 colours. For Intiga i8 and i10 IICs and recent INIUM CICs and IICs.
Click for Oticon O-cap microphone guards
Oticon O-cap microphone guard (8 pcs)
Replacement mic covers, in 4 colours. For Inium chip models (Alta, Nera) that take size 312 or 13 batteries.