GN Resound LiNX / Live / Alera / Verso / Dot receiver wire



GN Resound LiNX / Live / Alera / Verso / Dot receiver wire (not Enya or LiNX2)

Please check you order the correct type:

  • The Low Power (LP) receiver wire is for Dot2 and Live hearing aids (it’s typically marked with the size, followed by ‘L’ or ‘LP’ – e.g. “2LP”)
  • The original standard receiver was for Dot, Dot2 and Alera (this was marked with just a number 0-4). The replacement was the NP, and then subsequently, the S receiver wire. Both are compatible with ReSound Dot, Dot2, Alera, Verso and LiNX.
  • The High Power HP (marked for example: 2P) comes in two styles, the older HP or newer HP2. Compatible with ReSound Dot, Dot2, Live, Alera, Verso and LiNX.

Note on dome compatibility: NP uses an RIC dome, whereas the newer S wire needs a thin tube dome. The S wire is preferred (the dome is held on more securely).
HP is the previous style and needs a RIC power dome (with a square base), the newer HP2 takes a thin tube power dome. The HP2 wire is preferred – the dome is held on more securely.

Note on wax guards: NP and HP receivers: use a HF3 wax filter and Dot / RIC domes. S and HP2 receivers: use a cerustop wax filter and thin tube domes.

To change: Use a pin tool to lift the microphone cover up at it’s top edge. This will allow the receiver wire to be pulled away.

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If you do not know what size of receiver wire you need
have a look near the tip of your old tubes – there should be a number usually Red on the left and Blue on the right.
alternately email us ( having taken the measurement from the top of your ear (where spectacles would sit) straight down to the centre of the ear canal entrance in mm – please see picture below.
Replace your receiver tubes ONCE A YEAR for optimal performance