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For a CERUSTOP, no need to twist - just insert and pull out
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Picture Guides: Incorrect insertion of a CIC
The CIC hearing aid has not been fully inserted. This will ruin its performance in background noise and create unwanted artefacts such as too much echo and too much high frequencies... The aid has not been guided past the first bend of the ear canal ~ in most cases that means pushing the aid towards the nose and also position the faceplate so it is more perpendicular to the side of the head ~ as per picture no. 2
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How to change a receiver tube on PHONAK AUDEO S Smart and Mini hearing aids
How to change a SPORTS LOCK  (retention lock) on a PHONAK AUDEO  hearing aid (also applies to Unitron  Moxi) How to change a Cerustop / C-Stop  WAX GUARD on a Phonak / Unitron  hearing aid (also Widex & some GN  Resound aids. The same method  applies to Oticon No-wax & Pro-Wax How to change a DOME on a Phonak  Audeo hearing aid: Use your  thumbnail to wrench it off (same  principle applies to almost any other  dome, except Siemens click domes) How to CHECK THE BALANCE of  your HEARING AIDS (do once a week) How to CLEAN your hearing aids (you must also use a drying kit) How to use a DRI AID KIT How to change a Phonak  SMARTGUARD (looks like a black disc  with a shiny surface) How to fit a RITE / RIC hearing aid  (the thin wire type with a small aid on  top of the ear, and a thin wire with  dome in the ear canal entrance on  your ear) How to fit and remove an ITC hearing  aid in your ear (this is the easiest size  of aid to handle if you have poor  manual dexterity) How to tune your TELEVISION if you  have a hearing loss
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How to change a battery drawer on most Phonak and Unitron in-the-ear hearing  aids (same principle applies to many  Widex and Starkey aids) How to change a MICROPHONE GUARD  on a Phonak Audeo Mini (or Smart)  hearing aid (Spice range) OR as an  UPGRADE on the Core range The Difference between a CIC  (completely in the canal) ~ the smallest  hearing aid you could buy up to 2013, &  an IIC Hearing aid (invisible in the canal)  ~ the new smaller type advertised on TV
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What does a Canal Lock look like?
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